Products With a Purpose


My name is Nikki and I work in animal welfare in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This all started in 2012 when I began fostering cats and kittens for the local SPCA.  Two years later I started an Instagram account (@myfosterkittens) to share photos of my foster kitties and document my fostering journey. I also became a volunteer with a group here in Las Vegas that does TNR (trap, neuter, return) for feral/stray cats.  Over the years, I have been approached by people asking me to promote their products to our animal-loving Instagram friends.  They would offer to donate a portion of the sales to a group that I knew nothing about.  More often than not, I didn't even like the quality of their products.  This gave me the desire to start my own apparel line that gave a portion of the proceeds to animal welfare groups that I knew were using the funds to care for animals in need.  And if I was going to sell products, they were going to be high quality products that I actually liked and could stand behind.  High quality products with a purpose.